Narsol IML suit?

What do I think of this challenge? I think they have the captain of the Valdez debacle sauced up and at the helm.

They’ll spend hundreds of thousands on a very very slim chance of winning and ignore better avenues of attack.  Meanwhile 100’s of thousands, not thousands, continue to suffer.

It seems ironic they’re willing to take a risk on a slim chance with iml but piss on a core registry challenge. Both of which “they say” have a slim chance of winning.

Another “funny” thing about this is they’re unlikely to win because of the recidivism lie to start with.  Cart before the horse mentality. Assbackward braniacs or intellectual idiots.  Take your pick.

This is yet another sign to me they’re not interested in real change.

No not Political!

Sorry, I’m going there.  Why should I stay away when other advocate sites don’t? They make statements like “we are in this together” but in truth, they mean “we” if you lean left.

It’s hypocritical, they’re hypocritical. I’ve noticed that about both sides really (dems/repubs) and it makes me sick.

When they say they stand for a constitutional right, it’s usually a whine about their rights being attacked, their pets. Try practicing your free speech on a liberal site if you’re a libertarian or republican. It doesn’t go over well.

Usually, when you call them out on it,  you’ll hear “free association!!!” but that’s never extended to anyone on the other political side.

It’s disingenuous but the bs doesn’t stop there. Let’s talk labels.

Speaking of being disingenuous on a slightly related issue…

I had a discussion with a “real libertarian” about the 14th amendment some time back. I’m sure a number of my readers know the discussion and I’m guessing they know the “heated” exchange that followed.

As with most one-sided things, there’s additional information left out.  So here you go dk and all.

I simply gave you back what you gave me. We were having a debate on another site and you were losing the argument so you resorted to making it about me.

I simply don’t make things personal till someone else does and then I don’t hold back.

Not once did you ever address my clear 14th amendment evidence. You couldn’t,  they’re facts not opinion.

The last claim of “the government doesn’t own me nor has the right to hinder my travel” was only partly correct.  You’re an American and as such, you have the right of free travel in and out of the US.

How arrogant to think that of other sovereign countries.

This country was meant to be an example to the world in both rights and laws of what could be. It can only be extended to other lands by way of acceptance of that lands population.

It can only be extended by way of law to those that come here properly as written.

It’s a lie to claim racism because people want to follow the same constitution that made this country worth coming to in the first place.

As for big L libertarians… They’re done for by their own hands. Any group of “real libertarians” that piss on their principals by voting for the likes of Koch, Bob Barr and an appeasing globalist big government weasel like Johnson, just aren’t libertarians.

One last thing. It’s rather hilarious to watch the likes of Baldwin, Hillary, Affleck and Damon get their hypocritical assed handed to them. Don’t you agree?

The moral of the story for the day, folks? Don’t dish it,  if you can’t take it. 🙂

Think again..

Here’s an excerpt from an interview on the Norm MacDonald show with Jim Carrey as guest. Take a look at it.

I’m posting it to say this..

With all of stuff coming out of Hollywood lately,  making the news, do you really think education is the best way forward?

As in other posts, I’m not saying we shouldn’t do it but I AM SAYING, we shouldn’t be hinging our strategy on it.

You’re not going to sway people with all that’s coming out and I suspect, all that’s still to come.

Also,  I’d like to clear up something.. When I said “we shouldn’t drop everything and go for the throat” I simply meant we shouldn’t stop the cases “we” had going.  I absolutely think we should be attacking the entire idea of the registry itself. The core of all of these cases is the public safety bullshit.

I thought I was clear on that much. The registry must fall, in its entirety and with it all other paths to rights restoration will open up.

If this is attacked correctly,  it could be the single biggest pushback against authoritarianism in modern history.

Still here!

I’ve been busy finishing the extra room and also taking a little break but I’m still here!

Just wanted to pop in and say something about public safety which is used regularly to strip rights away.

I’m not aware of any case challenging the constitutionalality of using public safety to first, blanket an entire group without individual assessments and secondly, going after the lies put forth about recidivism. If anyone is please email me about it. I’d love to read it.

Without outrageous claims about recidivism, these public safety constitutional  strip mining attacks would be squashed.

The registry and gun rights come to mind and I’m sure a whole host of others could be challenged.

Something to think about (Edited because i evidently published it before I was finished lol)

Supreme Court Michigan

Well I guess I was wrong that they’d face the lie and right it, directly. It does send a message that says “It has gone too far”.

That’s still a big win in my book.

I do think we’re seeing the last days of the registry and scotus has signaled it’s ready for a case.

That may be the Colorado case. All it’ll take for a scotus reversal there is to show them the facts refuting the public safety stance. Stick it right in their face. Show each states ridiculously low reoffense rates. Have someone crunch each states numbers to reflect the real uninflated percentages.

Introduce those, hammer that crap home and don’t let them stray from it.

Some Better Than None!

Nope, not always the case. I’m hearing the call for the slow road. As if Colorado, Michigan, etc…hasn’t happened.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t continue putting truth out there. I’m also not saying we should drop cases and shoot for the throat but I am saying a change of strategy should happen.

Some of the current cases are on hold though until Snyder is taken so why not start a case for abolishment and follow Colorado’s lead.

They didn’t wait for the public to become educated. It’s not a complete waste of time but the strategy seems to look like decades when other States are saying RIGHT NOW!

Pretty absurd strategy unless you’re trying to drag it out.

Don’t misunderstand

I gave my reason for offering the things I have, for starting this site. Wanting to help isn’t the only reason.

I’ve mentioned others as well so it’s  multifarious in reasons. Some benefit me also.

I’m sure, as you don’t know me, you aren’t positive about what to believe. I can understand that.

Once you get to know me I think you’ll see I’m very straightforward. I keep my word.

Maybe one problem is seeing how someone poor could accomplish what he’s promising. I have connections for it all. Materials for a cabin, future land, everything. I’ve been planning this for some time.

I have plenty of time on my hand so I’ve worked out the details for many things before I moved. Prepared not scared, remember?

I even anticipated trouble from locals and acted accordingly by purchasing covert recording devices.

Anticipate, then formulate. 😉 I’ve even anticipated they’d eventually get tipped off to my site. I even knew who’d be the likely leakers of it.

Plans within plans!

Anyway, I’ve got your back here. And though I’d really want “you” to wait till next year, I’m confident we/I could get a warm shelter for anyone adventurous enough to make the move.

Just saying..

Lol Come’on

I’m assuming most of my readers are liberals and/or “libertarians” lol. I went from a decent amount of readers to 3 today.

You people are too much. 🙂 Couldn’t help myself. I’ve been watching my visitorship wax and wane, depending on the topic and wanted to make a point.

Anyway, I’ll be back to my regular self tomorrow. No more politics till next time, I promise. Lol

Not a Trump supporter even if I like “some” of what he has done. That’s the way of things today though. If you don’t fully condemn someone or something, you’re guilty of it. You are the hated.

That sounds familiar.

Reason is not L/libertarian

This is about the comments… (Just a little rant) the reason jab is gratuitous. 🙂

If you read through, youll see a conversation about how principles are a bad thing and how one’s moral code is king. Doing what’s right over principles is preferred.

I say that’s EXACTLY how america has come to it’s present draconian iteration. People dropping their constitutional principles for an “end justifies the means” mentality.

Those kind of people are not libertarian. Neither are “social” libertarians nor any other made up bullshit moniker a person might use.

You either support a persons right to guns AND a gays right to marry or you’re just simply not a L/libertarian. It’s really that easy, whether anyone likes it or not.

The idea that a person can wrap themselves in our founding principles and then hypocritically support the stripping of a single inch of another’s rights is sickening.

Those original documents sadly only apply to our sovereign country physically but they were a dream for the world.

Trump is right on one thing. We need to get our own house in order and stop sticking our noses in everyone’s business. Maybe if we started doing that, we’d fare better as a constitutional republic. (Not at all a democracy by the way)

Puts soapbox away. 🙂


No Crap, you dont say?..

Long before there was IRA, we had Derek and Will. We’re praising IRA because of what? The information was there for anybody to see, all one had to do was care to look.

I looked, Mike R looked, Derek and Will looked so where were the advocacy groups?

There’s no excuse for what they’ve tried to do in selling us a tiered registry. You’re sheep for slaughter if you accept anything but complete abolishment.

I want people to think back to the comments by these groups. I say they’re either incompetent or Judas goats, meant to lead you away from abolishment. All you need to see it is to look at what’s been predicted and what’s happening now. Look at what was sold to you and how it was sold. Remember, we were told “not in our lifetime”.

“We” warned them of the pre-crime bullshit of static-99. They were warned of furthering other types of registry’s, yet they still sold and still are selling a registry. With a little backpedal but it’s still their mission.

Ignore the half-hearted appeasement comments about an abolishment suit. Notice they haven’t written a post about it. I wouldn’t trust them anyway to do one, even if I thought they’d do it for anything other than “saving face”.