Dogs Gets Micro-Bone

Licks owners face, profusely! I hate to be that guy but this is more of a compromise than an outright win. Everything they force you to do, under threat of penalty, from giving your info to meeting with them periodically, is compelled.

The only possible good thing out of this would be it’s use in a SCOTUS case and only if the compelled part was broadened to encompass the registry in its entirety.

Do the advocates/lawyers have the intestinal fortitude and integrity to do it? It remains to be seen.

Wow, Super, Fantastic!

Not so fast…

Before we celebrate, what’s the logical motive here? I say this is a chess move simply because of the Snyder case, nothing more. It’s in response to the ruling of unconstitutionality in that case. Be prepared for proposals that will only be an attempt to save the registry and trap as many of you on it as possible. They’ll most certainly propose an assessment before letting you off, in my opinion.

Hopefully, I’m wrong. We’ll see.

Back up..

This should be the last time the server will be down. Money has been tight and although, I’m still poor as hell, I should have enough going forward.

It won’t always be rough going, monetarily. My plans are moving at a snail’s pace but I’ll get there. I was raised around business so I have that to fall back on and it has come in handy. Being in a “situation” such as we all are, having to rely on others for employment doesn’t work well.

Self-employment is the best bet. For someone like myself, who prefers the company of animals over people, still poses a problem. I just would rather not have any contact with people. They’re tiresome to me, usually. Occasionally, I’ll find someone that I click with but not often.

I’ve only had five friends since childhood. Only 3 are such good friends that I could go without talking to them for 10 years, show up out of the blue and ask for a place to stay. And they wouldn’t bat an eye. I’m the same way. My friends understand and accept that I’m like I am. I just love my alone time!

None of my desire for solitude has anything to do with my “situation”. I’ve enjoyed being alone since I was young. As a kid, I spent most of my time in the woods, alone. So very peaceful. The one place my mind slows down.

Why come to the net and engage with people then? I don’t like what I’m seeing so I’m saying something. I want to help. I don’t have to be a hermit, I just like it. 😀

Cabin pic

Close to dry-in but it’s too cold and I’m sick… -13 right now.

It was supposedly warming up. I hoped enough to run a heater to melt the snow off make-do roof. Then I’d position it correctly and seal it off. Also adding the wall insulation but as I said.. too cold!

Just wanted to show the progress and ease any concerns that I might not have the know-how to construct housing. Nobody has said anything but I’m sure, being that my timeline is so slow, it might look that way. Money is the usually the only hold up on anything I do or say. I sure enough have plenty of time. 😁

Long way from a finished tiny home but it’s a start!

The Road to Hell…

Is paved with good intentions. I see this happening everywhere, from all directions, in our country. Good meaning people (mostly?), taking up a cause ,talking themselves into the idea what they’re doing is the right thing. Seemingly, never questioning themselves on any of it.

Your heart being in the “right place” isn’t a good excuse. If you’re censoring opposing opinions. Unwilling to listen to anything but your own voice or those validating your own conclusions you most likely arent on the side of truth. Behavior like that screams self-righteous agenda and win seeking at all costs. You will inevitably fall. Your type always does, given enough time.

Yes, this was for the reformists. Who else? 😁

Merry Christmas!

Ive been dragging my feet because of the weather but I’ll post pics of the cabin, for those interested, as soon as I can.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday as best you can.

Good things just around the corner, I can feel it. See you in the new year!

Site Will Be Down

I thought of making up some bs but I hate to lie. Truth is, it’s been tight this month so it’s going down for about a week or less. Hopefully only a few days. Really sorry.

Generally speaking, I know I haven’t posted a lot lately. I got tired of posting negative news and we have people handling that fairly well. Just waiting as we all are for the good cases to advance.

FAC’s case is promising but I’ve mentioned my issue with that but a win against retroactivity would be great. I seriously think it’s stupid to give static99 help in the courts, though. Why do that? Why even bring it up?

I’d fire their asses if they said that on my case. Just saying.

“Uh, we want you to find this unconstitutional but we’re glad to support a faulty questioner that effects all future lives and cases.”

Wtf lol. Progressives, something really wrong with their thought processes. 😀



Happy Thanksgiving!

Wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday! Even though I’m pretty poor financially, I have lots to be thankful for. But as bad off as some of you may think I am, many of us, have less than I do.

I’m no socialist but I still believe in helping when and where I can. My offer for free rent is an open invitation, just don’t bring problems when you come is all I ask.

Too late this year but always next, right? 😀

Here’s the first flooring section of my mother’s cabin. The floor is actually finished now but I haven’t taken pics yet. I’ll have it dried in and livable by January but it’ll be enlarged next year. We might be getting our PFD back pay that was taken for the last three years. It’s supposed to be $3700 coming my way. Plus we’ll get the regular, which should be another $3000. That’ll be $10000 including my mom’s first PFD. If that happens, no problem finishing her cabin then. 😀

Ok, I’m outta here. Till next time!

Tell us, why don’t YOU…

Sigh, what to say. I was pissed when I saw ASSCOL post this. It was a little depressing to see them virtue signal and watch the blind followers fall right in line. Nobody saw the glaring hypocrisy in their post.

How many have asked what their endgame looks like? It’s obvious to me, they don’t support abolishment and I’ve said that before. But if that’s the case, whats left? What’s their vision, without abolishment, look like?

Is it police eyes only? Fat chance on that and we all know it but even then… Your names will be leaked and you know it.

Ex post facto then? Ok, that would be a win for many but FAC’s case uses static 99 as a wholesale test for your future. I and many others have pointed out that danger.

All of those options lead to continuous outing of a group with some of the lowest recidivism rates in the US.

So, knowing those paths and the end results likely from them, maybe the question of “how many dead registrants are enough” should be posed to these “advocate” groups.

As unpopular as it is, ill say it, blood is still on your “advocate” hands. Bathe in it, you deserve it.