Strip Those Gun Rights!

Florida House refuses to debate guns, declares porn dangerous

You’d think rights advocates would understand the importance of all rights but they’re typically hypocritical as liberals (in this case) are.  Calling for “gun control” is another symptom of the sickness of this country and their followers are just as infected. You’d think at least rsos would get the need for protection but they’ll fall right in line too.

I’m not surprised though. I’ve seen it suggested that other groups should be on a registry too. Maybe we should all be on a registry, ya  know, cause I’m so resentful that I want everyone to suffer, like me, it’ll be fair then! Excellent idea… Or maybe, once everyone is on it, they’ll finally see the error in their ways! *cough*

If you think any rights should be abolished or curtailed because you don’t like it or you don’t think you need it or for whatever reason, then YOU’RE part of the sickness. The sickness is fascism.


1.An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

(love how they restrict it to right-wing when the general use definition puts modern liberalism under that umbrella as well)

1.1 (in general use) extreme authoritarian, oppressive, or intolerant views or practices.
‘this is yet another example of health fascism in action’

Many of the fascist leaders in history were labeled incorrectly as right-wing when in truth they were solidly mixed with socialism as well.

(An interesting discussion on fascism if anyone cares to read it that speaks to that)

If this country wants to heal itself, people will have to leave liberalism and neo-conism behind and adopt original libertarian principles. That’s truth.

Let me share a wonderful comment I believthat,  from David Kennerly: “I agree but let’s stop using the term “their truth.” This suggests that multiple, differing “truths” can exist simultaneously. There is only “truth.” You either have access to it or you don’t.”

If only he and other liberals/neo-cons lived up to it. Sadly, real ability to discern truth is severely lacking these days.

Don’t Let’m Get Away!

What I take away from this is, some will be released but they’re going to try and keep the lifers. As many as they can of others as well I’m sure.

I suspect they’ll get a case brought against them again because the court was pretty clear. We’ll wait and see.

We have to get a case to the Supreme Court and dangle the 80% lie in their faces. That’ll stop the use of public safety as a means to blanket punish 100’s of thousands, unconstitutionally. It may open the door for other public safety unconstitutional cases too! I’m specifically interested in forcing a case for felon gun rights but there are others. Individual assessments held strictly to prior gun violence would be ideal.

Assess someone based on the present case/prior gun cases and even offer a way to restoration. Crazy right?!?! 🙂

Everyone has a right to protection. If they can’t show a willingness to live in society, then don’t let them out, I say. You can’t strip a right away for life unless you lock them up for life.

Till next time!


Taking Democrats Seriously?

This may be why it’s hard to.

There’s a split in the libertarian party that became extremely visible when Bob Barr switched to the libertarian party AND won their nomination. Evidently we were taken as a serious threat enough to warrant a mass migration of liberals and neo-cons into our party at that time. Since then we’ve had our platform slowly transition to open-borders and warmongerers.

I and many original libertarians support border security, LEGAL immigration, gun Rights for all, economic freedom etc..

This openborders crowd isn’t libertarian and those who say it is are part of that party takeover attempt. You’ll know them by their divisive language as well. As in “civil libertarians”. That’s just a liberal tactic meant to splinter cohesive principles and break the party into groups.

A similar tactic was used against conservatives as well. Which is why we have neo-cons today in power.

It’s the same old, same old. 🙂

Attack Their Rights, Hurry!

Tragedy in Parkland, Florida. Another School Shooting

Another shooting and the political anti-gun train gets underway, again. I’ll highlight some of the troubling language from a group that’s supposedly fighting for people’s rights.

“Situations where nothing appropriate can be said, except this should never be allowed to happen.”

Five years ago! Nothing has been done in five years! No gun control measures, no new laws, nothing at all!

So, read their post and think about the attitude put forth in it. Sounds to me like the calls for SO laws. Their seeming answer is to strip or chip away at the rights of individuals, not protect them. How can you trust people that fail so miserably to see the importance of rights, whether it be guns or the current SO rights.

If we were all in this together, we’d all be on that same page. That all rights are paramount. And that, your right doesn’t trump another, no matter what danger that presents.

For the record, the political right has given a number of solutions that would cut down or stop this kind of tragedy, but the democrats are so hellbent on taking guns, they refuse to listen.

They’re too busy using the dead kids as political weapons, which fac is doing too. Much like they use race and gender to divide and conquer, which neo-cons are guilty of too!

I know, I’m a turd for telling the truth.

Seeing Patterns?

Are we sensing anything yet? Reoccurring theme?

From the article: “This particular article does not challenge the state’s legislative power to enact sex offender registration laws.”

And that’s the crux of the problem with reformists.

Can you imagine these groups trying to sell reformation to tens of thousands of slaves?

What do you think they would’ve said to that?

A big F and U comes to mind.

I’m sorry but when I see patterns, I don’t ignore them. One such flag here for me is that nobody is going after the 80% lie which all of this mess is built upon. That’s a huge red flag and combine that with the fact that no group speaks about abolishment?

Oh sure, they post articles that someone else has written but it never goes anywhere.

Only once have I seen the great SJW Queen over there mention they’d challenge the registry but that was after much prodding. Not a peep since.

They fell all over themselves going after the iml though. Which in reality doesn’t do a damn thing.

Fixing something that fixes nothing. That’s how political action plays out. Haven’t you noticed? That way nothing ever changes, you just spin your wheels and they keep greasing your tires. All the while yelling “give it gas!”

Lol.. I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence. 🙂

No Chance..

Just another implied commentary saying “just keep waiting” “you can’t win” “it may take as long as slavery” from aholes that aren’t for abolishing to begin with.

Is It Better To Do Something versus Nothing? [Podcast]

There is no “R” in abolishment…Reformists are not on your side, anymore than legislators or prosecutors are. It just appears that way on the surface.

They promote “risk based” assessments, even though, they’re illogical. They talk up static-99 as if it can tell the future while ignoring the idiocy in it.

I mean, if only 1% to 5% reoffend, how can anything justify a registry?

So tell me again why our “advocacy” groups seem to ignore that?

My opinion? It could be that even as they see issues with the registry, they may simply see value in it. So maybe their plan is to strip away at it until the “most deserving” of us are left on it.

Lots and lots of problems with that approach, many of which, I’ve gone over before. It simply will not work. Those that think it are dangerously and needlessly causing suffering to the 95% or more that’ll never reoffend to keep the others on.

If people are so dangerous that you feel a lifetime of watching is required, well hell, how nuts are you for letting them back out?

If the 80% lie were true then how many lives are you putting in danger? Seems crazy huh lol…

None of the arguments for the registry make a lick of sense.

Edit: Take notice, NARSOL has the same story but their comments are off. I suspect you’ll see more of that behavior in the future. They could just police the comment sections and claim it’s subjective admin decisions, like ASCOL does but of course, word still gets out. 🙂

Either way, it’s called, shutting down dissent.



Guns, Guns and More Guns!

OK, maybe I was a little less forthcoming about the BP guns a felon might posses. Just figured it’d be easy to figure out. So here’s a couple.

This one is ready to go!

If you’re looking for one that’s less noticeable, try a derringer, like this. It’s more expensive but the element of surprise is priceless. 🙂

And so on, etc..

Another piece of advice. These are legal in many states but I’d suggest having someone order it for you. That way the company won’t run your name and quietly “botch” your order. 🙂



Tweetle Dumb Dems

The gullible left strikes (air) again. How can otherwise seemingly intelligent people (average leftist voter) believe without verifying? Not a single request for vetted proof? No critical thinking processes in action there. 🙂

Trump is shoving his boot in their rump! I don’t like the guy but I frigging love the democrat torching. What a sight to behold. Lol

Thou Protest Too Much?

If that was meant for me, I don’t think you protest enough. And frankly, I’m just getting started. Beating a dead horse you say?

The horse is full on sprinting, it ain’t dead yet.. You have my email though DK, you can always talk directly. I’d shoot you an email myself but you asked me not to, after I spanked your bottom. 🙂 I’m an ACTUAL, non-open borders, pro-life, Libertarian that respects your right to free association, so… Yeah (that knows the difference between neo-cons and constitutional conservatives and is honest about it too) 🙂

Anyway, on to more important things.

Federal Judge Rules Florida Clemency Process UNCONSTITUTIONAL

How about that… Another win and a rebuke by a federal judge, in floriduh of all places.

Anybody mealy mouthed and small minded enough to tell me a full on challenge would never work?

Keep hanging on these reform “advocates” coattails, at least you’ll get a free ride that’ll last a long long time. Who doesn’t like theme park rides!