No Crap, you dont say?..

Long before there was IRA, we had Derek and Will. We’re praising IRA because of what? The information was there for anybody to see, all one had to do was care to look.

I looked, Mike R looked, Derek and Will looked so where were the advocacy groups?

There’s no excuse for what they’ve tried to do in selling us a tiered registry. You’re sheep for slaughter if you accept anything but complete abolishment.

I want people to think back to the comments by these groups. I say they’re either incompetent or Judas goats, meant to lead you away from abolishment. All you need to see it is to look at what’s been predicted and what’s happening now. Look at what was sold to you and how it was sold. Remember, we were told “not in our lifetime”.

“We” warned them of the pre-crime bullshit of static-99. They were warned of furthering other types of registry’s, yet they still sold and still are selling a registry. With a little backpedal but it’s still their mission.

Ignore the half-hearted appeasement comments about an abolishment suit. Notice they haven’t written a post about it. I wouldn’t trust them anyway to do one, even if I thought they’d do it for anything other than “saving face”.