Reason is not L/libertarian

This is about the comments… (Just a little rant) the reason jab is gratuitous. 🙂

If you read through, youll see a conversation about how principles are a bad thing and how one’s moral code is king. Doing what’s right over principles is preferred.

I say that’s EXACTLY how america has come to it’s present draconian iteration. People dropping their constitutional principles for an “end justifies the means” mentality.

Those kind of people are not libertarian. Neither are “social” libertarians nor any other made up bullshit moniker a person might use.

You either support a persons right to guns AND a gays right to marry or you’re just simply not a L/libertarian. It’s really that easy, whether anyone likes it or not.

The idea that a person can wrap themselves in our founding principles and then hypocritically support the stripping of a single inch of another’s rights is sickening.

Those original documents sadly only apply to our sovereign country physically but they were a dream for the world.

Trump is right on one thing. We need to get our own house in order and stop sticking our noses in everyone’s business. Maybe if we started doing that, we’d fare better as a constitutional republic. (Not at all a democracy by the way)

Puts soapbox away. 🙂