Don’t misunderstand

I gave my reason for offering the things I have, for starting this site. Wanting to help isn’t the only reason.

I’ve mentioned others as well so it’s ┬ámultifarious in reasons. Some benefit me also.

I’m sure, as you don’t know me, you aren’t positive about what to believe. I can understand that.

Once you get to know me I think you’ll see I’m very straightforward. I keep my word.

Maybe one problem is seeing how someone poor could accomplish what he’s promising. I have connections for it all. Materials for a cabin, future land, everything. I’ve been planning this for some time.

I have plenty of time on my hand so I’ve worked out the details for many things before I moved. Prepared not scared, remember?

I even anticipated trouble from locals and acted accordingly by purchasing covert recording devices.

Anticipate, then formulate. ­čśë I’ve even anticipated they’d eventually get tipped off to my site. I even knew who’d be the likely leakers of it.

Plans within plans!

Anyway, I’ve got your back here. And though I’d really want “you” to wait till next year, I’m confident we/I could get a warm shelter for anyone adventurous enough to make the move.

Just saying..