Think again..

Here’s an excerpt from an interview on the Norm MacDonald show with Jim Carrey as guest. Take a look at it.

I’m posting it to say this..

With all of stuff coming out of Hollywood lately,  making the news, do you really think education is the best way forward?

As in other posts, I’m not saying we shouldn’t do it but I AM SAYING, we shouldn’t be hinging our strategy on it.

You’re not going to sway people with all that’s coming out and I suspect, all that’s still to come.

Also,  I’d like to clear up something.. When I said “we shouldn’t drop everything and go for the throat” I simply meant we shouldn’t stop the cases “we” had going.  I absolutely think we should be attacking the entire idea of the registry itself. The core of all of these cases is the public safety bullshit.

I thought I was clear on that much. The registry must fall, in its entirety and with it all other paths to rights restoration will open up.

If this is attacked correctly,  it could be the single biggest pushback against authoritarianism in modern history.