No not Political!

Sorry, I’m going there.  Why should I stay away when other advocate sites don’t? They make statements like “we are in this together” but in truth, they mean “we” if you lean left.

It’s hypocritical, they’re hypocritical. I’ve noticed that about both sides really (dems/repubs) and it makes me sick.

When they say they stand for a constitutional right, it’s usually a whine about their rights being attacked, their pets. Try practicing your free speech on a liberal site if you’re a libertarian or republican. It doesn’t go over well.

Usually, when you call them out on it,  you’ll hear “free association!!!” but that’s never extended to anyone on the other political side.

It’s disingenuous but the bs doesn’t stop there. Let’s talk labels.

Speaking of being disingenuous on a slightly related issue…

I had a discussion with a “real libertarian” about the 14th amendment some time back. I’m sure a number of my readers know the discussion and I’m guessing they know the “heated” exchange that followed.

As with most one-sided things, there’s additional information left out.  So here you go dk and all.

I simply gave you back what you gave me. We were having a debate on another site and you were losing the argument so you resorted to making it about me.

I simply don’t make things personal till someone else does and then I don’t hold back.

Not once did you ever address my clear 14th amendment evidence. You couldn’t,  they’re facts not opinion.

The last claim of “the government doesn’t own me nor has the right to hinder my travel” was only partly correct.  You’re an American and as such, you have the right of free travel in and out of the US.

How arrogant to think that of other sovereign countries.

This country was meant to be an example to the world in both rights and laws of what could be. It can only be extended to other lands by way of acceptance of that lands population.

It can only be extended by way of law to those that come here properly as written.

It’s a lie to claim racism because people want to follow the same constitution that made this country worth coming to in the first place.

As for big L libertarians… They’re done for by their own hands. Any group of “real libertarians” that piss on their principals by voting for the likes of Koch, Bob Barr and an appeasing globalist big government weasel like Johnson, just aren’t libertarians.

One last thing. It’s rather hilarious to watch the likes of Baldwin, Hillary, Affleck and Damon get their hypocritical assed handed to them. Don’t you agree?

The moral of the story for the day, folks? Don’t dish it,  if you can’t take it. 🙂