Good News

Well maybe. Some of you might know that I’m a computer “enthusiast”.

I have 20 or so years tinkering with them and tech in general. Nothing official but a real affinity for it in general.

I have mentioned before that I wanted to pursue a career in computers so I’ve checked into getting a degree in programming. I originally thought of a system administration job so I could eventually support myself from anywhere. It’s not an ideal job being that it’s kind of boring. The learning would be the best part for me but it would be a job in a field I have interests in.

Well I have an opportunity to get involved in game development. My end of it would be programming segments, that will most likely be used as “templates” for multiple games.

It’s not work but it’ll give me an entry into programming and who knows where that’ll lead. In an area I really enjoy, no less. I’m excited!

Wish me luck on my learning endeavor. 🙂