Here’s an update on SO attacks in Anchorage. Alaska Daily News did a decent job on reporting on it. Neither for nor against, just as news should be.

As for the attacker, I hope he gets his ass handed to him at sentencing. His letter is most likely a ploy. The timing was spot on, don’t you think? Right before sentencing…

Sorry buddy, you don’t get to excuse your violent past. Own it and change or face your future.

He’ll do it again, watch and see.

For the rso’s? Don’t be lambs. Be ready. People look at you as easy targets. Don’t be… You may not be allowed to lawfully own a firearm but there are plenty of ways to end an attack permanently. You may not want to take a life, I’m sure. Personally though, I’d rather spend time in prison than lay on a cold slab so I’ll do what I have to.

Protect yourselves.


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