Just a small point on these advocacy groups. If you’ll read below, it makes one wonder.. Who the hell is bringing this to the courts? I’m not seeing anyone do anything about the 80% lie. Why is that?

Supreme Court’s sex offender rulings are polluted by false facts

I read the major group’s site postings and comment sections, multiple times a day. What I see there is either silence or excuses as to why now isn’t the right time for a challenge.

That’s bullshit of course. The ACLU along with ncrsol (not narsol, which is it’s “home office”) and the rsos in the cases have proven so.

How many cases have been won lately? And in those recent cases, what have the judges opinions been? Many of you reading this, know exactly what I’m talking about. The judges have all been clear and are signaling, ┬áit’s time! Honestly though, it has been so ever since the 80% lie was spoken.

Surely there’s a procedure to right the wrong… Oh yeah, someone has to get off their asses and file.

Why on earth would you reform something as heinous as the registry when you have the equivalent to the goose that laid the golden egg, sitting before you. Unless, as I’ve stated before, you don’t want the registry gone in the first place.

As a side note, I want to thank those that have let me know they’re reading my site by the comments made on the other sites. I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to them to comment myself. I was ran off over trumped up excuses. They couldn’t handle the boat rocking I and others were doing. (I wasnt the only one ran off)

Till next time!


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