A Little Rope. :)

We’ve all heard the saying before. Give a person a little rope and they’ll hang themselves. I use tactics like that to see what a person will do.

Another and I admit, naughty, is rattling someone’s cage.  Piss them off and you’ll get to see their bad side. How they handle a “transgression” is insight into their character. It says way more about them than they’d like, I’m sure.

I say that to say this: “we are not in this together”. We all know what I’m referring to, right? 🙂

Abolishment doesn’t fit with reform. It’s simple logic really. If you strip the registry to a “more palatable” version, it becomes “less intrusive” in the eyes of the many, the courts included.

The unconstitutionality of it will be ignored for the erroneously held idea of social safety.

If you donate to these reform people, you help solidify the registry for the future.

If you want to help, pick  core retroactive cases or give to groups like oncefallen.com. Or help registrants directly. At least you’ll know it’s going to good use.

On that note: I’ll be looking for work as soon as I’m off, which should be in the next month or so. Shortly after, I’ll contact the attorney which was in the Alaskan case and see what I can get started. I’ll also start a fund account to which I’ll be adding to monthly for law fees. If anyone is interested, I’ll add that here when I get it opened. I’m hoping the lawyer might want to correct the wrong, himself.

If all of the advocacy groups refuse to file for abolishment, we’ll do it ourselves.



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