Let me slap down a disclaimer here. I’m not a lawyer so take these following ideas at your own risk.

Guns: As felons you cannot “legally” have one but you may be able to own a muzzleloading blackpowder rifle/pistol. You will need to check the rules in your state/feds yourself.

I can tell you that certain bp “guns” which can be converted to fire modern rounds fall under the feds no-no list, so just because it’s a bp, doesn’t mean it’s OK.

They’re relatively cheap if you buy the DIY kits. You can find them online for around $200 all day long. They’re single shot so buy accordingly. Last thing you’d want is to miss and have to reload. 🙂

Again, they’re not considered firearms by the feds as long as they meet certain criteria but your state may have different definitions on firearms. So, do your own research.

Then we have crossbows. Silent but deadly for any retarded moose that may be charging, if you get my drift. Aim for the heart! 🙂

There are tons of possibilities for defense, those are just two. I’d suggest as many backups as possible if you go those two routes.

And remember fellas, prison/life or a cold slab. Do what you have to do to survive, regardless of the rules. I know I will.


State By State

Forgot this! Many states have passed these acts to combat overreaching federal laws. Remember, the states have the real power, not the other way around.

Be careful though, it’s a complicated road and they may have ESO language written in which exempts us.

This all of course assumes you care about rules that restrict your rights of defense. Just saying.