Thou Protest Too Much?

If that was meant for me, I don’t think you protest enough. And frankly, I’m just getting started. Beating a dead horse you say?

The horse is full on sprinting, it ain’t dead yet.. You have my email though DK, you can always talk directly. I’d shoot you an email myself but you asked me not to, after I spanked your bottom. 🙂 I’m an ACTUAL, non-open borders, pro-life, Libertarian that respects your right to free association, so… Yeah (that knows the difference between neo-cons and constitutional conservatives and is honest about it too) 🙂

Anyway, on to more important things.

Federal Judge Rules Florida Clemency Process UNCONSTITUTIONAL

How about that… Another win and a rebuke by a federal judge, in floriduh of all places.

Anybody mealy mouthed and small minded enough to tell me a full on challenge would never work?

Keep hanging on these reform “advocates” coattails, at least you’ll get a free ride that’ll last a long long time. Who doesn’t like theme park rides!


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