No Chance..

Just another implied commentary saying “just keep waiting” “you can’t win” “it may take as long as slavery” from aholes that aren’t for abolishing to begin with.

Is It Better To Do Something versus Nothing? [Podcast]

There is no “R” in abolishment…Reformists are not on your side, anymore than legislators or prosecutors are. It just appears that way on the surface.

They promote “risk based” assessments, even though, they’re illogical. They talk up static-99 as if it can tell the future while ignoring the idiocy in it.

I mean, if only 1% to 5% reoffend, how can anything justify a registry?

So tell me again why our “advocacy” groups seem to ignore that?

My opinion? It could be that even as they see issues with the registry, they may simply see value in it. So maybe their plan is to strip away at it until the “most deserving” of us are left on it.

Lots and lots of problems with that approach, many of which, I’ve gone over before. It simply will not work. Those that think it are dangerously and needlessly causing suffering to the 95% or more that’ll never reoffend to keep the others on.

If people are so dangerous that you feel a lifetime of watching is required, well hell, how nuts are you for letting them back out?

If the 80% lie were true then how many lives are you putting in danger? Seems crazy huh lol…

None of the arguments for the registry make a lick of sense.

Edit: Take notice, NARSOL has the same story but their comments are off. I suspect you’ll see more of that behavior in the future. They could just police the comment sections and claim it’s subjective admin decisions, like ASCOL does but of course, word still gets out. 🙂

Either way, it’s called, shutting down dissent.




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