Opposition in Advocacy

I first stumbled upon advocacy groups after a Google search, looking for legal cases. Surprised to see any group, I began reading and was at first, heartened. The longer I read comments, the more irritated and frustrated I became. How could these groups advocate for a registry to remain?

That frustration ignited a drive to get involved, to speak out. Needless to say, it wasn’t very welcomed so I find myself unwelcome, seemingly, in a group of my peers.

I’m not the only one that sees the dangers and hypocrisy of advocacy groups “helping” by calling for the very thing that ruins lives for decades.

But you know what’s even more amazing? Supposed RC’s cheering them on because of a carrot being dangled before them.

That’s not all of the odd flags I see. Multiple people are heavily censored, including myself. I’ve even began documenting my posts for proof. At this point, for me, it’s around 50%. That’s right, right at half of them are being removed.

Kinda strange for a rights group to squash dissenting views opposing their actions, no?

Relocation, again… :)

OK, third times the charm? Past that lol.

I’m offering a place for people to move to that have problems finding homes. I have a half acre of raw land. That means, no running water, no utilies, no driveway ( at the moment) and uncleared. Those who are disabled would find it difficult to get around but you’re still welcome if you think you can manage.

I’m not charging rent but you’ll have to provide your own shelter unless I can get work. We can talk about the possibilities. I do have numerous no to low cost alternatives that might suit that need.

I stay to myself, a pretty private person and I’ll respect and expect the same. Not that we can’t talk and hang out but it takes a bit before I warm up to people. Pets are welcome and encouraged!

Let’s see… Oh, I’ll be glad to sign a promissory agreement that’ll give you a term of stay, if you’re worried about security. It can’t be a traditional lease because A. I’m not charging anything and B. I’m not allowed to rent commercially. I can’t even accept trade so don’t ask!

Let me know what you think!