Wasn’t aware..

That pardons could be reversed. Pretty crappy but at least he has the knowledge to work on his case. He served his time and worked to get the pardon. Good luck to him!



California AB558

Are you surprised? Not me and not many others. “We” warned that it wouldn’t stop till the registry is attacked directly and done away with.

A tiered registry is only going to make what California is doing more palatable to the courts. Cali is following Texas and other states in their approaches. Give the registrants a path off, even if you have no intention of letting many or any off and the courts will call it constitutional! It’ll be decades before they have to revisit the effects.

A lawyer/advocate group should see what’s happening in other states and recognize things for how they are.

It’s time for registrants to wake up. There is zero reason that a direct challenge can’t be made. Anyone telling you otherwise is selling you a shit sandwich and calling it a steak burger.

Eat up? Not me! I was gonna say ” It’s time to take the gloves off and fight!” but if you’re willing to eat the burger, you might better keep your gloves on… just saying.

California SB695

Well, here we are, in short order. The bill was introduced and bam, ASSCOL rushed to support it, with few changes, I might add. As seen in the comment section, there’s not a lot of support for it, nor are we asked. It is my opinion that this group and the other groups that parrot this group EXACTLY cannot be trusted.

If you calmly and rationally look at the net gain effect from a number of their actions, you’ll see what many see and more are realizing. They amount to little.

They could’ve challenged 290 lifetime by itself as that has been struken down in some states but instead they went the route of an Adam Walsh like tiered system.

Like good little minions, a number of the regular supporters, which amount to about 10 people, are rushing in to tell us “take what you can get cause you can’t get anything better!”. Id bet $100 if i was a betting man that many of the new names are sock-puppets. Don’t fall for it, you deserve better. You deserve to be treated like a human being and given a second chance.

We still have good judges..

They may be few and far between but theres still hope. Now if we can get advocate groups to go for real justice, we will have a chance.


Independent Money!

OK, I’ve found another and fun way that “we” could make a very decent income! All independent of bosses. You work as much or as little as you want.

There’s a catch or two… Ok, 3…

1. You’ll have to be here during spring and the end of summer.

2. An initial investment of time and money. More time you spend, the less you’ll have to spend. Up to a point. (Roughly $300 give or take a hundred or two) Plus the cost of the trip to and from.

3. I’m not going to tell you all of the details till I speak on the phone with you.

Sound shady, like an internet scam? Waiting for me to tell you about this Nigerian prince I know that needs your help? Nope, I promise.  Im just a really secretive person and we are on the interwebs. The money you’ll need will never go to me. It’s for your work requirements alone. The investment you make will stay with you.

How much can you make? That depends heavily on a few things and once we talk, you’ll have a better understanding.

I’ll be doing it soon and wouldn’t mind company! You can pitch a tent on my property by the way or back a camper/rv up if you bring one.

Here’s a teaser… Many people do it here. Till next time! 🙂

{End of netfomercial}



First amendment!!!!!

Not on my site they say!!!! Lol

I’m all for civil rights they say but don’t you dare fucking disagree with us!

Since I’m the only person using a web Addy as a screen name and I’m not following them in their agenda, could it be about me? Lol Yep! Now, I’m sure some of the diehard “liberals” will kiss their feet for their clear disregard for principles but hey… They supported Hillary even after all of the damming emails came out.. What’s a little whiz on an “enemy’s” rights if it’s for the cause! It’s all about seeing the agenda through, even if we get a little dirty. 🙂

Fail forward comrades!

Opposition in Advocacy

I first stumbled upon advocacy groups after a Google search, looking for legal cases. Surprised to see any group, I began reading and was at first, heartened. The longer I read comments, the more irritated and frustrated I became. How could these groups advocate for a registry to remain?

That frustration ignited a drive to get involved, to speak out. Needless to say, it wasn’t very welcomed so I find myself unwelcome, seemingly, in a group of my peers.

I’m not the only one that sees the dangers and hypocrisy of advocacy groups “helping” by calling for the very thing that ruins lives for decades.

But you know what’s even more amazing? Supposed RC’s cheering them on because of a carrot being dangled before them.

That’s not all of the odd flags I see. Multiple people are heavily censored, including myself. I’ve even began documenting my posts for proof. At this point, for me, it’s around 50%. That’s right, right at half of them are being removed.

Kinda strange for a rights group to squash dissenting views opposing their actions, no?