I’m dirt poor so I’m “forced” to seek medical care through the government. The same government that endeavors to keep me poor by posting my personal info for all to use, against me.

I’m libertarian so none of it sits well with me. There’s a sick poetry to it though.

So recently I started looking for a doctor. It’s not going well. I’ve contacted numerous offices. They do a “pre-screening” and never call back. I then contact them numerous times again, only to get what seems like a runaround.

I was told by one office that they don’t provide the care I was looking for but his website says the opposite.

I have a plan to prove it so stay tuned. I’ll see if I can catch then running my name. If so, it’s not going to go well for them.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Sad sad story..

How many more will satisfy America’s bloodlust do you think? What’s next? A real world modern day ‘Running Man’ show, where we get to be contestants?

Cant wait for these unconstitutional laws to be smacked down by SCOTUS and I see it coming. There is hope.

In some ways that’ll fix a lot of peoples problems but if you have to stay where you’re at, where you’re known. Well, some things will stay the same.

Take Derek’s situation for instance. He’s fairly well known. Where’s he going without being recognized?

Me, I can leave. I won’t but I could. If I go out, I just hope I get a chance to take as many aholes with me as possible. That’s the plan anyway. Prepared, not scared!

Another saying I try to live by is “I’d rather go to jail than the morgue!”

Just stuff to think about.

Stay safe everyone. RIP Mr. Gianakos.


Fool Me Not…

I know some of my readers don’t like the way I say some things. They don’t like my choice of a certain person for my focus either.

I understand… You think she’s a superhero to be praised.

Here’s my take on it… Someone on another site said once: ” You fight with everybody!” Nope, but I will fight with anybody! No idols or sacred cows for me, thanks.

You see, I say what I think on what I see. And I plainly see some oddities with how things are with these advocacy groups.

Not everyone in these groups go unpaid. The government does pick up the tab in some cases, I’ve seen it mentioned. So don’t be conned.

That’s not all I’ve seen and I’m not the only one seeing it.

Wake up people. Demand a straight for the throat, complete abolishment, approach.

You deserve it.



Writing anyone?

I’m not much of a writer as you can tell. I have a specific reason for doing a blog and it’s not for writing! I’ll admit, it’s nice to have a place to get a few things out but the real reason is just to have a way to contact and bring others here  I really just want to offer the only thing I have. A place to stay. There’s definitely not much to stay in yet but some day soon.

Anyway, if anyone wants to write, tell your story or suggest an article, feel free to contact me and I’ll consider it.

Timmr, you strike me as a pretty laid back rational person. I think you’d do well as a writer if you’re interested.

Mike r, you’re passionate and persistent like me, I’d be nice to have your insight as well.

If any of you guys read this, let me know. Who knows, maybe we could turn it into something…

Till next time.

Good on FAC

I’ll give credit where it’s due. I’ve been waiting to see if any of these activist groups were going to do write-ups about registrants in the path of these storms.

Good on you. Now let’s see a full on frontal attack on the registry as a whole.

That goes for all groups. The time is now… Not later.

Colorado win!

I’ve been busy or I would’ve commented on this by now. Hopefully it stands! Many said it was too early, not enough support from the public. It could take as long as slavery but they were wrong and now some of the “leaders” of these activist groups are trying to save face. Have a slice of humble pie after you’ve washed the crap from your face. You need it.

Maybe now we can get support for the glaring travesty that is an unchallenged lie. I don’t know though, I still see a weasel lawyer doing damage control and pushing for a revised tiered bill. Trust that person’s lead at your own peril.

Don’t settle for anything other than abolishment.

More later..

A Deliberate Life

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” – Henry David Thoreau

That quote speaks to me. It describes how I look at my current life. I look at the story’s of offenders coming out of Florida and other States and I feel for them.

I guess by offering people a place to stay I hoped they’d have the same outlook. That moving here could be that deliberate choice.

Maybe, from others perspective, I’m still in the identical boat. No running water.. No on-grid electric. No refrigerator. Maybe others think… Why move then if I’m no better off?

I think you would be much better off because it’s your choice for one. Secondily, no more shuffling from one place to another. You’d be free to come and go as you please.

Save money and buy your own land if you like. Build an alaskan dry cabin. I’ll even help you and take the lead on building it if you don’t know how. Just put in the sweat with me, jimmy carter habitat style.

Dry cabins are standard fare up here. It’s pretty relaxed here when building. My road has 3 shacks, and two $100,00 homes on it. And the road above me has $30,000 to $500,000 homes on it, if that says anything to you. A lot of Alaska is that way.

Anyway, all I can do is offer. If nobody sees the value in it, I can’t make them.

I made my choice and I love it.

Alaska time!

Once more with an offer of free rent?

Too late in the season I think unless we move fast but there’s always next year.

I have a 1/2 acre lot with road access that I’m living on. It’s raw land, still no driveway but parking is on the road. We’ll have to work on the living quarters as there aren’t buildings on it yet. Someone could make it in a travel trailer or camper, if you’re really hearty, you could buy an Artic Oven tent. IF you’re determined/crazy like me, you could try a 2 man 2 season (summer/spring) cheap Walmart tent! Holy hell was that interesting at -20 degrees…. 🙂

Maybe next year would be better, especially if you’re not alone. As of now, i have room for 3 smaller buildings.Fit as many in there as you can within reason.

I do have plans for more property and rental situations if you need your own place. It may be awhile on the rentals bit I’ll get there and I’ll post about them when they’re moving ahead.

So yeah, contact me if you’re interested, I’d be glad to help who I can.